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Benefits of utility procurement over the winter period

Reducing costs

Due to the weather and festivities, we tend to spend a significantly higher amount of money on energy bills over the winter period. Utility procurement can help to reduce your companies’ bills not just over the winter period, but all year round. This is because of the bidding system which is used when choosing a company to do the work. Another good idea for households over the winter period is to download a heating app on your mobile-phone. Having an app on your phone which can control your heating can prove to be very financially beneficial in the long-run, especially if you are out and about running errands and don’t want to leave the heating on all day!

Saving your company valuable time

Another benefit of using utility procurement over the winter period is that it can save you and your business valuable time. Depending on your business, the winter period can prove to be a hectic time. This is why the utility procurement process is made very simple. All you need to do is submit your project, which includes details such as the location of your site, when you need to be connected and your specific requirements. After that, you will receive bids via email alerts then select and accept a bid once you are happy to proceed.  

What can Uprocure can do?

Uprocure have years of experience when it comes to working with utility companies and developers and provide a secure environment in which both developers and companies can obtain the best agreement. This is because various qualified contractors offer their services and a price for your business via a competitive bidding process. This, in turn, allows your company to choose a suitable option. If you are interested in using our services or simply just want some further details then feel free to visit our website or contact us. 

Seasonal utility infrastructure project

utility infrastructure

The impact of a seasonal utility infrastructure project

The Christmas season is 3 months away, where we spend time with families. However, the holiday season is frequently a hard time for development projects. Coordinating utility connections during seasonal times are difficult due to the industry slowly grinding down until the start of the new year. Failure to address this in your project schedule may lead to significant impacts and delays for utility infrastructure projects.

So what is so challenging to progress your infrastructure projects during seasonal periods, like Christmas?


The weather in the UK is fairly unpredictable especially during the harsh winter season compared to other times of the year. The effect weather has on the length of the project can be destructive, so it is vital to examine the forecast and stay one step ahead to make sure completion of utility infrastructure projects can be done as efficiently as possible. Not only will it slow down work completion rate but it may affect the mindset of workforce consequently the quality of the finished project.

Planning the project schedule beforehand can ensure the project at hand remains on time for completion. This can be done by analyzing the potential delays or risks that may appear before they become a problem.

Seasonal Restraints

Many utility projects need a connection to network assets within the publicly owned land. Therefore needing a street/permit notice that is granted by the local authority. The category of consent can differ broadly from the impact of the works. Due to local councils having to be conscious of reducing traffic management issues, this may depend on street work activity in the nearby area.

During the Christmas period, there's usually an increase of traffic levels which most local authorities will appoint embargos. They are used to ensure the public's safety and protect any disruptions caused in nearby areas. There isn’t a national register to when these embargos occur during the year in the United Kingdom. This means it is extremely vital for developers to negotiate with their local authorities on when these embargos periods take place. You can now use the information received, can either decide the best time for the utility project to take place.

Workforce Break

The official holiday season of Christmas allows workers to have a break from work. Many businesses experience a decrease of available workforces during this time of year, which can also affect the productivity of the project. It isn’t just your own business that will be affected by contractors, networks and many others will have limited resources to offer. The timescale for your utility infrastructure project will suffer heavily due to the availability of resources, these resources might be weeks away before availability again.

Renewable energy sources you can use to power your home

Renewable energy sources you can use to power your home

If you’re like every other homeowner, you’ll probably be interested in saving a few pennies on your power. An easy and environmentally-friendly way to do this is to find some renewable energy sources that you can use to power your home. These sources can reduce the cost of you utility bills and help you on your way to become a more eco-friendly home.

Solar panels

The most common method when looking at renewable power for the home, solar panels are installed on the roof or in your garden to absorb all the sunlight and convert it into power. Only a few square feet of solar panels could power your home, and if you have power left over, you could even sell a bit on to the national grid. Obviously, they only work when the sun is out, and in the UK, that won’t be 24/7.

Wind turbines

Yes, we’ve all seen the huge wind turbines and you’re probably trying to mentally fit one into your back garden right now. If you have a big enough home, you may be able to install a small wind turbine to power your home. You will need to have a look at local laws and regulations to see if they’re permitted, as they can be an eyesore for other residents and cause a lot of noise. However, they are more reliable power sources than solar panels, so it’s really up to you.

Solar ovens

You might not be ready to power your home entirely by using renewable sources. That’s fine, but why not start small and work your way up from there? A solar oven is just a small homemade or store-bought device that will use sunlight to heat up food. They’ll work in any power outage, so you won’t be stuck with cold meals if there’s a power cut. They’re a great gateway into the world of renewable power.

Hydro power

Most people will have to skip over this one, but if you have a source of flowing water on your property, then read on. You can use the water to turn a turbine, which will generate power. It’s not easy to set one up, so your might need a professional to help you install one. Once it’s all set up, you’ll have a reliable and continuous source of power in your own garden. 

What to do if your Utilities stop working

What to do if your utilities stop working

When your utilities stop working, it can be difficult to carry on with your day to day routine. Whether it's your water, electricity or gas that has been disrupted, it can cause havoc and potential harm to you and your family. Lack of water means that showers are out of the question, lack of electricity results in darkness or the use of potentially dangerous candles, and a lack of gas can mean no cooking for those with gas cookers. Risks can also be as serious as carbon monoxide poisoning due to the increased use of portable stoves, generators or heaters to replace your utilities, even temporarily. If you encounter disruptions with your utilities, there are steps to take to get to the bottom of it and get your utilities working again as soon as possible.

1. Call your supplier

The first thing that you should do if you experience disruption with your utilities is contact your supplier. Not only will they be able to find the source of the problem, they will also be able to provide real-time updates and offer advice as to what to do while waiting for your utilities to come back on. Utilities disruptions can be caused by anything from extreme weather conditions to problems at the source, so it's important to contact your supplier so that they can give you detailed information. They'll also have contingency plans that deal with the risks associated with long-lasting disruptions, as mentioned above. Your supplier will give you all the information that you need.

2. Find alternatives

Alternatives for your utilities can be difficult to find. Not only do temporary solutions not provide the same high quality, certain replacements are potentially hazardous and should be handled carefully and safely. Portable heaters, cookers and generators can all be really helpful while your utilities aren't working – however, they increase the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Use fuel-burning heaters in well-ventilated areas only, to avoid harming yourself or those around you. You should also consider other temporary living arrangements if your utilities disruptions are long-lasting – contact family and friends nearby to accommodate you.

3. Listen for updates

This step is reserved for widespread utilities problems, usually caused by weather conditions. Listen out for radio broadcasts or local news channels that might give updates on the situation. Turn off your gas and electricity, as if could be dangerous if the utilities are reinstated while you're not at home.  

What is utility procurement?

What is utility procurement?

Utility Procurement is finding a service, in this case for utility work. For example, it could be finding a specialist plumber to fit a certain type of pipe for your business or new build. This process depends on how big the project is and what information you can give to speed up the process. Moving large parts can take up to 90 days, this may be due to the lack of required parts or the transport of large objects. Projects range from small buildings to large warehouse projects and more.

What information do I need to submit a project?

The more information that is submitted by you, the better. It helps us speed up the process and makes it easier to understand what specific service is best. If you are unsure about the specifics, you can simply outline the area and we can give you a call to help you with all the tricky parts. The more information given, the better the bids will be, meaning better offers for you.

Procurement of utility is a very difficult, complicated and rather tricky task. Uprocure is a unique online marketplace which offers many services. Uprocure is an independent company meaning it can offer better deals than other companies in this competitive market. Our company can function without any outside help and we aim to provide our customers with the best deals. Because Uprocure is completely independent, it has no affiliation to any site user or registered Independent Connections Provider, meaning Uprocure does not need to listen to any recommended prices for services, meaning we can agree on prices between you and our clients for the best possible deals.  

You no longer need to waste time running around procuring your quotations as Uprocure was designed and created to do this for you. Uprocure does this using its online procurement system which has a bespoke design and is unlike any other. The Uprocure system is very simple and easy to use. Finding utility infrastructure and final connections has never been easier when you sign up to the Uprocure system, specifically designed for the new multi-utility connections.

Uprocure wasn’t just created, lots of time and research has gone into finding the best services and companies to work with. We have had a lot of experience in this market having many clients, all happy with their end product and having said they would recommend us to others. 

The utility connections industry explained

The utility connections industry explained

For many homeowners and property developers alike, the utilities connections industry can be a difficult one to navigate, as it comes with a lot of complicated factors and things to consider. When setting up utilities connections, you want to make sure that everything is done to the best of your ability to ensure that the water, gas and electricity in the home or business works properly and without hindrance. It can be difficult to get everything right – the utilities connections industry is not one to be wary of, but one that you should know the basics of before connecting up any water, gas or electricity.


The gas connections market was opened in 1998, closely followed by the electricity connections market in 2000. After competition was introduced, a customer searching for new electricity or gas connections would have the connections installed by an independent provider. Prior to this, getting new electricity or gas connections involved a lot less choice by the customer due to the market having little choice of suppliers. This often resulted in higher fixed prices and no alternative suppliers to compare prices or quality of service against. Customers who needed a new electricity connection, for example, has to procure the connection through their Regional Electricity Company. This usually included Scottish & Southern Energy, Scottish Power and Western Power Distribution. For gas connections, customers could only choose the national gas operator which was British Gas at the time. Water connections could only be obtained by regional water companies.


There were multiple disadvantages to this utilities connections system, the main drawback being the lack of choice for customers. Prices were higher and in general the service was much poorer due to the fact that there was only a small number of companies having to serve many people at once. Customers also had to deal with longer timeframes, which was particularly frustrating for customers who had less time to complete their connections. Customers also had to pay up front which was difficult at times as paying a lump sum all at once took its toll on the bank accounts of thousands.


After deregulation, new connection providers were independent of the former and began to be established bringing some competitions to the utilities connections industry. Since then, prices have lowered to more acceptable standards and payment terms have become much more flexible, so more and more customers have been pleased with the results, service and timescales in which the connections were completed. There is also now one point of contact for multiple utilities connections, so there is no need to contact separate companies for your electricity, gas and water connections. 

Tips on how to help with energy bills

Utility Infrastructure

Tips on how to help with energy bills

The cost of your energy bills can have a serious impact on your monthly budget, and what's more, you may be paying a lot more than is necessary. Saving on your energy bills isn’t as difficult as you might think – with a few small changes, you can avoid having arguments over leaving the heating on and hold on to a few extra pounds meanwhile. Cutting down on energy bills will help the environment, too – it’s a win-win.


Put an extra layer on

To help with energy bills and to stop them building up, simply throwing on a jumper when it gets a little chilly can make a huge difference. We know it can be tempting to just turn up the thermostat when it gets cold indoors, but grabbing an extra layer instead can save you a lot of money in the long term.


Don’t rely on estimates

It doesn’t take more than 5 minutes to check your gas and electricity meters and send your provider a precise monthly reading. Otherwise, your provider might end up estimating your usage, and you might pay for more than you use. Some energy providers offer a smart meter so that you can constantly keep track of your usage.


Consider a fixed fee

Another way to help with energy bills is to consider opting for a fixed fee. This means you pay a fixed amount every month which comes out of your bank account as a direct debit, which can be particularly helpful for budgeting. Even though you might end up paying more than you use during the summer, the winter months will make up for it.


Use energy efficient products

Nowadays, products come with energy ratings, from A++ to G, which indicate their level of efficiency. To help with your energy bills, try and go for the A++ products – despite the fact that these may be a little more expensive, they will save you money in the long run.


Consider insulation

Depending on your property, insulation might be a good idea – a huge 20% of house heat can be lost through poor insulation, so you end up spending more money on heating than you should. If insulation isn’t a possibility, purchasing some draft excluders might make a bit of a difference.


Be smart

Be honest – does a lot of your electricity go to devices on standby? If so, then you could be wasting a lot of your money. Make sure you switch off any devices or lights when they aren’t in use – this could massively help with energy bills and save you a lot of cash. 


E- procurement


What is E- procurement?

Here at UProcure we provide online procurement services to business often known as E- Procurement. E – Procurement is also known as supplier exchange and offers procurement services to business to business, business to government and business to consumer transactions electronically. The tendering and bidding process is all done online and through electronic systems which is often beneficial to businesses as it saves a lot of time and man power.

E- Procurement via UProcure offers many benefits to a business. It enables the company spend to be visible and the financial team are easily able to reconcile purchases with purchase orders, receipts and tickers etc.

As E-Procurement manages tenders online through the internet it is able to be accessed anywhere in the world by the business managers meaning that it is much more accessible as and when required.  The requisitioning, ordering and purchase of goods and services is all done online during the E- Procurement process through UProcure.

The process of E-Procurement is straight forward when you come to the experts here at UProcure. This step by step guide will show you how to register with UProcure and we can get you online for E-Procurement services.

  • Register on our website – Any UIP, ICP, ICP click register and select the utility infrastructure provider option. All you need to do then is complete the registration form and UProcure will then confirm and approve the details and send you your unique log in information. If you are a customer, you can also register just select I need to procure utility connections as your option. Then the same process as above should be followed and you will get your user details via email.
  • Submit your project – Submit your requirements for E-Procurement to UProcure. As much information as you can provide should be given to allow us to understand your project fully and this will then ensure you receive more substantial bids.
  • Receive Bids – You will start receiving quotes and bids once the project is live. Any questions you can speak to our dedicated team of utility specialists. The length of time for your bids to come through and for the project to complete is dependent entirely on the size of the project.
  • Complete The Auction – Once you accept a bid and complete the auction the process of E-Procurement is complete.

So if you have Online procurement needs and you are interested in finding our more about E-Procurement and working with us call us today on 0844 3843128 to find our more information or click here.

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Procurement Challenges

Challenges to Procuring the Right Utilities

Most utility organizations the world over are trying to achieve faster growth through either mergers or acquisitions or rapid expansion in newer markets. The big challenge facing managers is to manage these disparate companies in different geographies with unified policies and procedure to sustain and provide for the rapid growth of the businesses.

Now, one of the big challenges facing manages is utility procures include:

  • Lack of standard regulation. The regulation varies from state to state thus affects the pricing of the various products and services. This means that securing a good deal becomes a challenge. Every business owner wants to secure a good deal with minimal risk. However, the exposure to risk can no longer be accurately defined due to the deregulated nature. In order for firms to get the best deals then they have to spend significant resources to get all the information regarding that industry.


They have to learn about every deregulated opportunity in each state. They also have to compare utility rates against the various competitive offerings and correctly time auction markets. They also have to save on their bids. They also have to do their due diligence in regard to the suppliers, terms of engagement, prices and contract considerations. After doing all this they need to select the suppliers, negotiate with them then agree on an execution plan of the agreements. The last step is that there has to be ongoing management of the contract and identification of market opportunities.

  • Every business needs a land line.This is another area in the utilities procurement industry that has its own challenges. The needs vary either for local use or long distance (voice or data) use. There are so many telecommunication companies such it can be quite challenging choosing the right provider that will enable you to receive the maximum benefits for the lowest cost and expose you to the least financial risk. This also applies to the internet service provider an organization needs. One of the issues that goes unnoticed is overcharging by phone companies.
  • Every organization also needs cellular services and cell phones. They need to select a plan that works for them. A plan that offers them the right rate plans at any point in time. The information regarding these services is always changing due to changes in technology. Most organizations do not have the time and expertise to find out which cellular provider will give them an offer that maximizes the cost-effectiveness of their cellular purchases.
  • There is also the issue of overcharging which goes unnoticed in most organizations thus they can never know if theyshould demand a refund. Rates subscribed to also change with time and most companies do not go into the nifty gritty details to know if they should change their plan or their provider all together. Service providers also never advise organizations on wastages regarding the cellular plans they take or even the number of cell phones and devices that an organization needs.

Solutions to the challenges

These challenges have provided opportunities for other business that takes the hustle out of utility procurement from customers and smoothens up the process. They guarantee customers that when they let them handle the procurement of utilities they will get the best deals which saves them money and minimizes their financial risk.

The utility procurement market is a growing industry. Technology has also affected this industry just like it has affected every other industry. Thus industry players need to become relevant in order to survive.


Get Incredible Utility Procurement Services from Uprocure

Utility Procurement Services from Uprocure

It is extremely challenging to get the right avenues to procure your utility infrastructure and crucial service connections. However, there’s a solution. Uprocure is a revered online platform that mainly deals with utility procurement. Being completely independent, we have no affiliation whatsoever with registered ICPs (Independent Connections Providers) or site users. We guarantee to provide you with a trustworthy, objective and secure online utility procurement system that richly benefits you. We derive tremendous joy in offering unique utility infrastructure. Using our efficient utility procurement system, we’ve revolutionized the manner in which you bid for critical utility infrastructure. We’ve also ameliorated how you receive utility quotes for all upcoming projects and future developments.

What we’re all about

Here at Uprocure, we pride ourselves in creating genuine competition in connections. Although the concept of competition has existed for over twenty years now, the current market is still grappling to open itself up to allow customers to enjoy the real diversity that competition was meant to bring. However, Uprocure has a new, unique approach that will change this. Registering your company is a piece of cake. When you register, you’re guaranteed to receive bids, quotes and other nitty-gritties contained in utility procurement.

There are three quick processes that follow once you register. The first one involves submitting your project. Here, you simply provide concise details about your site’s location. You then define all your requirements and specify the particular time you’ll need to be connected. In addition, you’re required to upload all your project documents so that we can prepare a comprehensive bid documentation. The second process involves receiving bids. All accredited contractors and independent connection providers start placing bids for your business. You get email alerts automatically sent to your mail detailing all the new bids. A reverse auction format is then employed to create healthy competition.

The third process involved in utility procurement is bid selection. Here, you read all the relevant information about companies that have submitted their bids. You then analyze each company using an effective criteria, comparing the bids that were submitted by accredited contractors. When you’re ready to proceed, simply click on “Accept Bid”. A vast majority of clients who’ve used our services have nothing but praise. We excel in turning your dreams into possibilities. Our utility procurement system is extremely simple and quite easy to use. In addition, you get to enjoy huge savings by enrolling with us.
The full process can take from a few weeks up to 90 days for complex projects, depending on several factors such as the project size and the size of available information. Our excellent team of utility specialists guide you throughout the whole process, providing essential information and critical assistance where needed. It’s important to provide every bit of information concerning your project. This may include site plans, structure layouts and uses. You can choose to submit your project by clearly outlining the site location. One of our team members then contacts you so that all critical details are discussed exhaustively. Visit www.uprocure.co.uk to know more about our utility procurement services.

"uprocure was simple and easy to use and best of all I made a great saving"  Tyler Pearmain Managing Director - Fine Build Homes

This month we would like to inform you about our progress and projects to date...

uprocure was established to provide that much needed competition in connection within the utility industry. Our website combines the process of applying for new services while reducing costs by enabling a range of accredited contractors to compete for business. Since we launched, projects have been flooding in from all over the United Kingdom, with particular interest from the North West, the Midlands and the Yorkshire area. These projects range from the industrial sector to commercial utility procurement projects, with even a selection of housing projects being submitted onto the site.

The benefits of our website provides to developers are unrivaled, with the estimated savings figure currently reaching the 500k mark. The projects submitted on the site range from a 6 plot housing development situated in Derbyshire to a Midlands industrial and commercial development that will require a 2.6MVA electricity supply. We are very pleased to see that our online procurement is finally creating real change within the utility procurement industry, due to plenty of Independent Connection Providers joining the site