Problems involved with self-building your utility connections

For any home builders, utility connections are the most important features of your new home. These consist of gas, electrics, water and sewage, all of which you need to make a building plot a home. There are many prestigious companies that are able and willing to sort your connections out for you, which reduces the risk of having problems later down the line, as self-building your connections lacks that professional touch that you can get with sourcing the set up of your utility connections for you.  For a self-builder, the first point of call is to contact your local service providers and ask for a quotation for a new supply. It is recommended that the cost of a new supply for your utility connections is worked out before a building plot is decided on, so that you can evaluate whether or the plot is viable.

utility connectionsElectricity supply

This can be the most expensive form of utility connections that you will set up, and can often be the most expensive. Your local electricity company would be responsible for any new connections, and you will need a quote from them to enable your setup. This can often be time-consuming and stressful.

Mains gas connection

It can be very difficult to set up a gas supply for your project, as not all plots are close enough to a supply to be connected. You can get the main extended to accommodate your new project, but this can be expensive – getting a gas utility connection set up is not too expensive, usually costing around £300.

Water supply

Water connection prices are variable depending on the length of the connection. Water companies usually fit a temporary standpipe near to the meter, and leave you to distribute it around the site – this can take precious time away from the progress of your project. It may prove more efficient to leave the set up of utility connections like this to professionals.

Mains drains connection

Drainage systems are often provided by water companies, which can give you a quote on request. If a road has to be opened, it can prove extremely expensive, as it must be licensed and inspected by a few different inspectors.

In general, when self-building utility connections, there are many steps to consider with each form of connection, all of which can prove to be very expensive for the majority of your project. Sourcing your utility connections from a company that is able to give you a quote for all of your utility connections at once (gas, water, electricity and drains) can save you a lot of personal time that can be better spent on the planning of your project.

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